Mediabarn offers a full range of services to help you achieve your user testing and research goals.

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Mediabarn recruits fresh, engaged respondents for local, national, and international studies.

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Minutes from DC, Mediabarn's facility is the ideal location for your next focus group or market research study.

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Sign up to participate in any of our user research studies and focus groups.

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How does it work?
  • Each study requires specific types of people
  • Not everyone qualifies for every study
  • You will be asked to share your opinions about a particular product, service or issue
  • You may participate in a one-on-one interview or as part of a group discussion
  • Your feedback will help us understand user needs and improve products and services
  • Sessions typically last 1-2 hours
  • Participation is fun and interesting
  • You get paid at the end of your participation

How do I get paid?
  • Each person will receive an honorarium
  • Amounts vary from study to study
  • We will inform you of the amount when we invite you to participate
  • Typical honoraria are gift card, check, or cash
  • You will receive it either in person at the end of your session or in the mail after your participation
  • Payment is meant as a thank-you for volunteering your time and sharing your opinions
  • Payment does not represent wages or salary
  • Participation in a research study is not considered a part-time job or a source of income

Who can participate?
  • Each study requires a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and experience
  • Not everyone qualifies for every study
  • We like fresh respondents; most participate no more than 1-2 times/year
  • We prefer to have group participants without prior relationships with each other

How do I sign up?
  • Complete a quick profile questionnaire
  • This includes personal questions such as age, income, and education to ensure a mix of backgrounds
  • This information is kept strictly confidential and is used solely to ensure a representative segment of the population
  • Please see our privacy policy for additional information
  • When a study comes up that could benefit from your insights, we'll be in touch!

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please call us at (703) 964-0440 immediately if you can not make your appointment. Please do not send anyone to replace you.

To get started, complete our questionnaire.

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