What are you looking at?

Get in-depth insights into what your users are viewing.
What is it?
Gaze plot maps show fixation points of each user
Eye tracking allows you to see your website or a print layout through the eyes of your customer. Using state-of-the-art technology and a specialized computer monitor, it can unobtrusively measure a person’s eye movement and points of interest to reveal exactly what their gaze patterns and fixation points are as they view a screen. It offers valuable insight into which features are the most eye-catching, which features cause confusion and which ones are ignored altogether.
Why do it?

From print ads to website design to brand identities, eye tracking technology can provide you with the competitive advantage of knowing what your users are looking at. What areas of the page capture the most attention? What visuals do they find most compelling? Did they see the “Order Now” message? Or was there something else distracting their attention? Eye tracking reveals what your users see – and perhaps most importantly, what they don’t.

Eye tracking
  • Tells you what visual elements attracts their attention – and for how long
  • Reveals whether or not users see your most valued content
  • Maps and aggregates user trends in visual patterns


What can you expect?

Eye tracking studies can be completed for a single web page or a series of pages, and include 16-25 test participants (sometimes more) depending on the goals of the test. With each study we generate comprehensive eye tracking reports that provide you with:

  • Easy-to-read heat maps that highlight high activity zones
  • Gaze plot maps that illustrate how long something has captured their attention
  • Valuable data that can help assess the actions of the test group