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Usability Testing

It looks great on paper (and on the screen), but does it work? Usability testing allows you to observe real people in real time as they use, learn, and navigate your product. It can provide you with the insights you need to ensure your product is a winner– not only in concept, but also in the real world.
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Remote User Testing

Remote testing is ideal when users are not easily available. Key user groups may be in various localities (from California to Uganda) or may have limited availability (physicians or politicians). No matter their location, utilizing the latest screen-sharing technologies, we can gather insights from your target audience.
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Respondent Recruiting

Because we are moderators, we know how important it is to find good research participants. They can make or break your study. We strive to find people who are fresh and engaged in the session, not serial respondents.
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Eye Tracking

Eye tracking allows you to see your website or a print layout through the eyes of your customer. It reveals what your users see – and perhaps most importantly, what they don’t.  This state-of-the-art technology is now available to our clients and offers valuable insight into how users see your product. Learn More »

Focus Groups

Focus group testing puts your product in front of current and potential customers so that you can better understand how they respond to your product and identify opportunities to enhance your product offerings. Mediabarn offers both traditional and online focus groups as well as facility rental.
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Expert Reviews

Want a professional opinion? A great starting point for the development team, expert reviews provide instant feedback on website designs, page work-flows, navigation naming and site architecture. Receive a comprehensive report based on the evaluations of Mediabarn’s team of usability experts to quickly point your website in the right direction.
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Stakeholder Interviews

Reaching internal consensus when contemplating a launch or redesign can often prove difficult.  Mediabarn can help this process by conducting independent interviews with key decision-makers.  Each stakeholder has the opportunity to share their ideas and concerns about the project, and findings are aggregated and presented to the development team.
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Here at Mediabarn Research Services, we believe that user testing makes things better – better products, better websites, better customer experiences. We offer a full range of research and usability services to meet your needs for efficient and measurable results, plus we offer a state-of-the-art lab and focus group facility.


Mediabarn is a full design and development shop as well.  We also place amazing designers and developers at some of the best companies in the DC area.